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Developers Support Program


We believe in "more cooperation, less corporation". While we are recruiting our core team, we are also building the community of code contributors based on incentive program. The advantages of this measure include:

  • More diversified views, less Echo Chamber Effect
  • Access to talents from all over the world who have different career perspectives
  • More decentralized distribution of stakes (ie. Desmos tokens)
  • More autonomy, less authority

Suitable Developers

We are looking for developers who are capable and interested in coding using Cosmos SDK (Golang), WASM, JavaScript and Meteor. In particular, we think our program suit below developers best:

  • Undergradates in related disciplines
  • Independent developers who work with projects as freelancers
  • Developers with day time jobs but would like to explore new opportunities
  • People who can spend at least 15 hours a week in our projects


The developers will contribute to below projects:
Big Dipper

Format of Support

Generally speaking, the support will be given as a one-off or monthly grant for an agreed period with a scope of works. The grant will be composed of future Desmos tokens. We will discuss the details individually.


Currently, we do not have a standardardized program. Instead we will discuss the details with interested developers on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested, please contact Terence (

(First published on 28 August 2019)

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