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This is a little node.js app, using the Desmos API and the Mandrill API for making the perfect card for the math lover in your life.
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Math-o-grams by Desmos

This is a little project by the folks at to:

  • show the world how easy it is to use the Desmos API
  • let the math nerds and math nerd lovers send adorable valentine's day cards

Try it out live at

Quick Start Guide

  1. Install node (visit
  2. Clone this repo and navigate to the root of it
  3. Install dependencies by typing: npm install
  4. Run the app by typing: node app.js
  5. Visit http://localhost:5000 from your browser


To deploy, you'll need to get an account set up with heroku and follow their instructions here:

Making Your own Desmos Apps

Head over to to see our API docs. If you'd like your own key (required for any public-facing app), send us an e-mail at

We can't wait to see what you build with the Desmos API!

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