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Desole collector back-end

Desole is an error-tracking system you can install in your AWS account, with just a few clicks. It enables organisations to track application exceptions and errors without having to choose between the convenience of software-as-a-service and the security of a self-hosted solution. You fully control the data, so it is easy to enforce compliance, encryption and data security requirements. At the same time, Desole uses highly-scalable AWS resources that can easily handle massive traffic, and auto-size on demand, so you do not have to worry about operating costs or administration. Check out for more information.

This repository contains the back-end components for Desole: the event collector API and the standard publishers, including a Cloudformation template you can use to deploy the Desole back-end into your AWS account. Check out for more information on how to set up the client collectors.

Deploy using the AWS Serverless App Repo

Head over to the Desole App on the AWS Serverless App repo, click Deploy and follow the wizard to configure the app.

Deploy the standard app using CloudFormation

The standard app includes the CloudWatch and S3 publishers.

Region Launch
US East (N.Virginia) Desole in us-east-1
EU Central (Frankfurt) Desole in eu-central-1
US West (N. California) Desole in us-west-1
Asia Pacific (Sydney) Desole in ap-southeast-2

Check out the app/ for information on deploying your own custom bundle into other regions.

Deploy the optional publishers