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Initializing the actor: The example is more reflective of how it woul…

…d be used
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commit 3b2d980c1db3d7c3895d5a2a6d4f5844a32f4af6 1 parent 196d395
@antonymarcano antonymarcano authored
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  1. +13 −5 features/prepare_the_actor_for_the_role.feature
18 features/prepare_the_actor_for_the_role.feature
@@ -12,20 +12,28 @@ Feature: Prepare the actor for the role
module RoleWithPrep
def role_preparation
- take_note_of :something, 'important'
+ do_something_important
+ end
+ def do_something_important
+ @something = 'something important was done'
+ end
+ def see_what_was_done
+ @something
- And you were able to create a task, called 'recall something' containing
+ And you were able to create a task, called 'see that' containing
- in_order_to 'recall something' do
- recall :something
+ in_order_to 'see that' do
+ see_what_was_done
When you attempt to run a scenario, containing
Given I am a Role With Prep
- Then I should recall something 'important'
+ Then I should see that 'something important was done'
Then you should see it has 'passed'

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