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Function checklist

  • Did you start your function definition with def?
  • Does your function name have only characters and _ (underscore) characters?
  • Did you put an open parenthesis "(" right after the function name?
  • Did you put your arguments after the parenthesis "(" separated by commas?
  • Did you make each argument unique (meaning no duplicate names).
  • Did you put a close parenthesis and a colon "):" after the arguments?
  • Did you indent all lines of code you want in the function 4 spaces? No more, no less
  • Did you "end" your function by going back to writing with no indent (dedenting we call it)?

Using a function checklist

  • Did you call/use/run this function by typing its name?
  • Did you put "(" character after the name to run it?
  • Did you put the valeus you want into the parenthesis separated by commas?
  • Did you end the function call with a ")" character?