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def add(a, b):
print "ADDING %d + %d" % (a, b)
return a+b
def subtract(a, b):
print "SUBTRACTING %d - %d" % (a, b)
return a-b
def multiply(a, b):
print "MULTIPLYING %d * %d" % (a, b)
return a*b
def divide(a, b):
print "DIVIDING %d / %d" % (a, b)
return a/b
print "Let's do some math with just functions!"
age = add(30, 5)
height = subtract(78, 4)
weight = multiply(90, 2)
iq = divide(100, 2)
print "Age: %d, Height: %d, Weight: %d, IQ: %d" % (age, height, weight, iq)
print "Here's a puzzle."
what = add(age, subtract(height, multiply(weight, divide(iq, 2))))
#extra credit 2, another way of calculating what
what = age + height - weight * iq / 2
print "That becomes:", what, "Can you do it by hand?"
#extra credit 4
something = age-(height*2/weight - (iq/age))
print "Formula calculation for extra credit: %d" % something
something = subtract(age, (subtract(divide(multiply(height, 2), weight), divide(iq, age))))
print "Formula calculation using methods: %d" % something