• Jan 11, 2011
  • Dec 20, 2010


    Merge branch 'release/0.2'
    * release/0.2: (76 commits)
      Updated the rakefile.
      Version bump to 0.2.0
      bump version to 0.2
      Allow group_count on enumerable to work without a block
      Added latest pipes jar.
      Small tweaks.
      Don't change a property unnecessarilly.
      properties setter.
      There's nothing to prevent classes from being extensions.
      Added a range to most_frequent which makes it much more useful.
      Refactor bulk_job into its own module.
      Shortcut to print multiple properties from the elements in a route.
      Added better options to to_route
      Make sure all add_extension methods return self so they are chainable.
      Make group_count without arguments group on the element itself and add most_frequent and all_but_most_frequent because I've needed them in a couple of places.
      make #one? more robust
      minor change...
      Reuse a route by changing its source.
      enumerable .one? and .many?
      Add extensions on .results