A set of tmux scripts to setup a remote pairing session for Rails with VIM and Spork
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Tmux remote pairing scripts

Just a set of scripts to help setup, attach to and shutdown a tmux session for remote rails pairing over ssh using VIM.


  • Tmux
  • Rails
  • VIM
  • Rspec
  • Spork/Guard

You will also need a /var/tmux folder with group permissions. Recommended route is to create a tmux group and add all users that will be sharing the session to it and then give group permissions to the folder.


Copy the script files to /usr/local/bin or any other location you prefer thats on the path.


The host user starts the session from the rails project folder using tmux-start. This will create tmux server session called 'pairing' with four windows:-

  1. VIM - The coding window
  2. Server - The rails server running on port 3000
  3. Bash - A general usage bash shell
  4. Spork - A spork session to autorun the specs

The remote user can then ssh into the host machine and run tmux-attach.

Once the pairing session has finished run tmux-stop to kill the session and the server.