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This project is deprecated for lack of interest.

TorrentTunes — A free, BitTorrent-based music streaming service.

TorrentTunes is an open-source, BitTorrent-based music service, like Rdio or Spotify, where you can stream any music, or share your own library of music with others.

Each individual song is tagged using MusicBrainz, and shared as a .torrent file using the client's built-in, LibTorrent-based BitTorrent client, on publicly available trackers.

TorrentTunes works on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, and also has a web client at

Suggest features, new music, or post bugs here, or on the subreddit /r/torrenttunes.

⬇️ Install TorrentTunes

Change log

Features include




  • Java 8
  • If behind a router, make sure bittorrent has enough open ports forwarded to your local IP address.

Download and double click the jar, located here

Torrenttunes will install, create system shortcuts for Windows, Mac, or Debian-based Linux distributions, and load up in a browser window.

Building from scratch

To build TorrentTunes, run the following commands:

git clone
cd torrenttunes-client
chmod +x

# This script does a maven install, and java -jar command

Command line client

To download and run TorrentTunes from the command line(the output is written to log.out):

The -nobrowser flag prevents TorrentTunes from loading up in a browser window.

nohup java -jar torrenttunes-client.jar -nobrowser &> log.out &

To scan your music directory:

curl localhost:4568/share_directory --data "/home/user-dir/Music/A Music Dir"

To stop the torrenttunes service:

curl -XPOST localhost:4568/power_off


If you'd like to help fund me to keep developing TorrentTunes, you can donate here, or directly with bitcoin:



Bugs and feature requests

Have a bug or a feature request? If your issue isn't already listed, then open a new issue here.


Start with getting familiar with the schema first, then create some issues and we can start working on them.

Feature requests / todos

  • TODO