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Learning to Program With Ruby

This content is designed with the intention of teaching introductory programming concepts to a group of 40 girls in grade 6. It's meant to be used along with the assignments, worksheets, and puzzles provided.

If you have any questions about using this content yourself, you can absolutely get in touch with me and I'll be happy to share my experiences with you.

Feedback is more than welcome, and in fact very much appreciated!


The repo contains 3 major components: slides, assignments, and worksheets. The slides (ruby-girls.html) are HTML5 slides, and are used to introduce new concepts and set the general direction for the workshop. The slides introduce a concept, and then direct the students to an assignment or worksheet. The assignments are used for several purposes.

The set of files named twitter_x.rb are used throughout the workshop to build up a simple Twitter program in twitter.rb. The files are there in case the students get stuck or fall behind during a part of the process, and need to pick up from a certain point. The slides note which twitter_x.rb file should be completed during each step.

The greeting.rb, madlib1.rb and madlib2.rb files illustrate practical uses for getting input from a user, and outputting text for the user to see. They're meant to demonstrate the concept. The students are encouraged to use them as a reference to create their own program in madlib.rb.

The puzzle.rb and puzzle_answer.txt files are a puzzle for the students to solve and the corresponding answer, respectively.

The colours.rb file is used to demonstrate a practical use for logic. Following the demonstration, the students are asked to create their own program in birthday.rb. The file birthday_answer.rb is used to show how the program should work.

The worksheets are meant to be printed out. Throughout the workshop, the slides direct the students to work through each of the worksheets.


A big thank you to Ladies Learning Code, for giving me a great reason to compile beginner Ruby content in the first place. This content is based heavily on the material I originally produced for the Ladies Learning Code Intro to Ruby workshop.


This project is licensed under the MIT license. Please see MIT-license.txt for details.


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