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Gastby + Netlify CMS powered blog.

🧰 Requirements

On MacOS with Homebrew:

brew install node git git-lfs
npm install -g gatsby-cli
npm install -g netlify-cli

You may need to update global and system git config:

git lfs install
git lfs install --system

Configure Netlify Large Media & Credentials Helper:

brew tap netlify/git-credential-netlify
brew install git-credential-netlify
netlify login
netlify lm:info

🚀 Quick start

Clone this repository, then run:

cd motoviaggiatori/
cp .env.example .env
npm install
gatsby develop

Adjust .env with the correct values.

🛠️ Development

Open http://localhost:8000/ in your favorite browser to see a live reloading preview of the website.

Head to http://localhost:8000/___graphql to open the GraphiQL data explorer.

⌨️ Edit content

Edit website content in the Netlify CMS UI on http://localhost:8000/admin/.

On first login you will have to provide the site's URL:

The auth callback will redirect to the production website, copy the url and replace the production url with http://localhost:8000/admin/ leaving everything after the # untouched.`

💫 Deploy

Open a merge request to trigger Netlify preview deploy.

Merging on master branch will trigger a production deploy.

Batch resize images with Imagemagick

Be careful, the following command will reduce pixel size and apply lossy compression. Be sure to keep a backup of the orginal files and double check what you're about to do!

Warning: whis could increase file size on already optimized images! Don't run it recursevly on the whole asset folder, but just on the files you're about to add.

cd path/to/folder
find . -name "*.jp*g" -type f -exec mogrify -quality 80%  -resize 1920x1920\> {} \;