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Iterate through these rules whenever making any changes.


  1. Mobile first without hindering desktop
  2. No sidebars


  1. No hover-to-reveal


  1. All images must be retina-ready
  2. All images must include original source files
  3. Anything that can be SVG, must be SVG
  4. Think long and hard about adding any JS


  1. No mention of pixels besides borders. Only ems or percentages.
  2. CSS selectors must not relate to HTML structure
  3. No nesting beyond 2 levels deep
  4. All colors must be variables
  5. Keep layout separate from styling
  6. No importants
  7. No ID selectors
  8. Only use negative margins as a last resort
  9. All loaded fonts must start with properly-sized fallbacks


  1. Must be easy
  2. Must be able to be done from anywhere
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