A Python Wrapper for The Hypixel API. By @wiresegal and me
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A Python Wrapper for The Hypixel API (https://api.hypixel.net). By @TheDestruc7i0n and @WireSegal


Download the zip here: https://github.com/destruc7i0n/PyPixel/archive/master.zip

If you're using Mac or Linux:

Download the source zip, and unpack it. From the folder created, run this command:

sudo python setup.py install

Enter your password and you're good to go.

If you're using Windows:

Unpack the zip. Open Command Prompt, and go into the folder named PyPixel-1.0. Run this in command prompt:

python setup.py install


To use the pypixel library, just add this into the top of your code:

import pypixel

Single-Key Instance

To initate an API instance, use this command (pass your API key to the class):

api = pypixel.HypixelAPI(key)

Remember that you can only make 120 API calls per minute per key.

Multi-Key Instance

If you want your api calls to be able to use more than one key (i.e. if you need more than 120 calls per minute), initialize your API with this instead, then use as normal.

api = pypixel.MultiKeyAPI([key1, key2, ... keyn])

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