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Detego Tag Localization Dataset

This dataset includes CSVs with all read events we collected for the experiments conducted for our paper "Estimating Relative Tag Locations based on Time-Differences in Read Events" including timestamps and RSSI values:

alt text

Specifically, the dataset contains the following fields:

experiment_id: identifier of the experiment
group: groups experiments with the same properties (setup, experiment, tags, iterations)
setup: "2d" for 2d-setup, "2da" for 2d-asymmetric-setup, "3d" for 3d-setup
experiment: either "walking" or "random"
tags: nr of tags involved in the experiment
iterations: nr of iterations
milliseconds: milliseconds since beginning of the experiment
serial: the serial number extracted from the epc
rssi: the measured rssi value

The corresponding ground truth dataset are located in the files 2d.npy, 2d_asymmetric.npy, and 3d.npy. The files contain the ground truth coordinates of the tags, relative to the tag with serial number 0.

The dataset is free to use for research purposes but requires citing our paper as the source of the data.

T.Hasler, M. Wölbitsch, M. Goller, and S. Walk (2019) Estimating Relative Tag Locations based on Time-Differences in Read Events. In Proceedings of 13th IEEE International Conference on RFID.


Detego Tag Localization Dataset




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