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FDS - Det Fælles Designsystem

This repo is part of the project for a Frontend Styleguide.

Using the design system in your project

There are a few different ways to use the design system within your project. Which one you choose depends on the needs of your project and how you are most comfortable working. Here are a few notes on what to consider when deciding which installation method to use:


Download the design system as a zip file and open that file.

Install using npm

Install dkfds in your project by writing the following in a commad-prompt:

npm install --save dkfds

The dkfds module is now installed as a dependency. You can use the un-compiled files found in the src/ or the compiled files in the dist/ directory.

Including FDS in your project

FDS as vendor

If you downloaded the project as a zip folder simply include the follow code in the head-part of your page to include the css:

  <link type='text/css' rel='stylesheet' href='[path to dkfds folder]/dist/css/dkfds.css'>

To include the javascript, include this tag at the bottom of the body-part of your page:

  <script src='[path to dkfds folder]/dist/js/dkfds.js'></script>


To include the styling add the following code to your main.scss file:

  $font-path:         '~dkfds/src/fonts/IBMPlexSans/';
  $image-path:        '~dkfds/src/img';
  $site-image-path:   '~dkfds/src/img';
  $icons-folder-path: '~dkfds/src/img/svg-icons';
  @import '../node_modules/dkfds/src/stylesheets/dkfds';

To include the javascript via webpack, import it in your main.js file:

  import "dkfds";

Local development

We're using Fractal to generate an interactive component library for the Designsystem. You can run it locally after npm install with:

npm start

Then, visit http://localhost:3000/ to see the Standards in action.

Optional: To re-build when code changes are made, run the following command from the project directory in a separate terminal window:

npm run watch

Template compatibility

Many of our Fractal view templates are compatible with Nunjucks (for JavaScript/Node), Jinja (Python), and Twig (PHP) out of the box. Components that reference other components use a Fractal-specific {% render %} tag that will either need to be implemented in other environments or replaced with the appropriate {% include %} tags.


The project is available on Github. You are more than welcome to contact us with suggestions or if you have a bug to report. See the project on Github

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