Simple example of using websockets, sprint for a Ludum Dare game jam
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Simple Websockets Demo

This is some code I wrote to test out websockets (the enhanced version of websockets provided by and Node. It depends on Node, (npm install, Express (npm install express) and jQuery. Colour values are drawn from and composers names are drawn from

I will probably be using something much like this for the upcoming Ludum Dare game jam:

Fire it up and hit it with multiple web browsers. Colours and names are assigned automatically, move the squares around with the arrow keys. It's not a game yet, but a lot of the pieces are in place without much code. Hopefully this will help some others get started with multiplayer web games too.

My simple code is released under the Apache License, but I'm amenable to other open source licenses too. Do what you like with it, and I won't mind.