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Some utilities and helpers I find useful.


The simplest boilerplate to start with.


A bare-bones CSS reset.


Simple DOM utilities, including a couple of things I miss from jQuery and some polyfills.

  • dom.html(name, [attributes], [children]) Create an HTML element of type name and optionally set attributes using the attributes object as a source of key/value pairs, and optionally add child nodes where children can be a string (text node), an element, or an array of strings and/or elements.
  • dom.svg(name, [attributes], [children]) Like html() but in the SVG namespace.
  • dom.elemToObj(elem) convert a DOM element to an object suitable for JSON serialization.
  • dom.remove(elem) a shorthand function for removing an element
  • dom.insertAfter(elem) the missing DOM method
  • dom.closest(elem, selector) one of the most useful jQuery methods that isn't in the DOM, finds the nearest ancestor (including elem) which matches the selector
  • dom.find([elem], selector) returns the first decendant element that matches selector. If elem isn't given, defaults to document.body.
  • dom.findAll([elem], selector) returns all decendant elements that match selector as an array. If elem isn't given, defaults to document.body.
  • dom.matches(elem, selector) returns true if elem matches selector. This just removes the namespace from a method that exists in modern browsers.
  • dom.addClass(elem, className) conditionally adds a class if elem exists.
  • dom.removeClass(elem, className) conditionally removes a class if elem exists.
  • dom.nextSibling(elem) conditionally returns the next sibling element if elem exists.
  • dom.prevSibling(elem) conditionally returns the previous sibling element if elem exists.
  • dom.toggleClass(elements) elements can be a single element or array of elements, toggles the specified class on each.
  • dom.indexOf(elem) returns the index of the given element in the array of the parent's child elements.


  • channel.on(channelName, elem) registers element to receive updates on channelName.
  • channel.off(channelName, elem) unregisters element to receive updates on channelName.
  • channel.once(channelName, elem) registers element to recieve a one-time update on channelName.
  • channel.emit(channelName, data) sends an arbitrary data object to every element listening on channelName. Each listener that has an onChannel(channelName, data) method will have it called with those arguments.
  • channel.emitAsync(channelName, data) sends an arbitrary data object to every element listening on channelName, but doesn't wait until they process it. Each listener's onChannel method will be called as above.