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This is working towards a flexible toolkit using next-generation web design tools: Stylus, Coffeescript, Mustache, Markdown, Backbone, and Node.

The goal is to have a suite of tools that help me get projects done faster, to use with Waterbear, but also my other projects-on-hold.

So far I have the basics working, but I still need:

  • Reloading when files change (why else use a server?)
  • Automatically finding partials and other files
  • Processing of markdown (new mustache tag?)
  • Client-side library suite
  • Database (couchdb)
  • Package it all up on github
  • Page linking to all documentation

Library Documentation

Command-line processing

  • coffee --compile --watch --output public/js scripts
  • stylus --compress --watch --out public/css styles
  • ? mustache
  • ? markdown (mmd, but need a watch script)
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