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Install FFMPEG alongside your apps
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Buildpack for ffmpeg

This project is a Scalingo buildpack for using ffmpeg in your project.

It doesn't do anything else, you have to use it alongside another buildpack thanks to the mutli-buildpack.

This buildpack provides a static build of the 2.8 version of FFmpeg downloaded from


Setup the multi-buildpack

To use this buildpack, you should prepare .buildpacks file that contains this buildpack url and your real buildpack url.

$ cat .buildpacks 

The first buildpack will install FFmpeg, the second will handle the deployment of your go application. For any other technology, go to

Setup your application configuration

$ scalingo env-set BUILDPACK_URL=
$ git push scalingo master

You can verify installing ffmpeg by following command.

$ scalingo run "ffmpeg -version"

Need of ffprobe?

Define the following environment variable and we'll install the binary ffprobe alongside ffmpeg


Do it through Scalingo's dashboard or with their command line tool:

scalingo env-set WITH_FFPROBE=true
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