Windows/Arduino tool for writing and reading C64 Tapecart modules
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TapecartFlasher is a Windows tool to write and read out C64 Tapecart modules directly from the PC via an Arduino UNO or NANO.

a tape port storage pod for the C64

At the first use of the Arduino, the Arduino software can be uploaded from TapecartFlasher to the Ardunio. Each connection ("Connect") with the Arduino will check if the Arduino software is up to date. The Arduino development environment is not needed for this. The hex files for your Arduino board must exist in same directory as the TapecartFlasher.exe file.

Procedure for writing or reading a TCRT file:

  1. Connect the Tapecart module to the Arduino via an adapter.

Wiring (Arduino <-> Tapecart):

Arduino ! Tapecart
GND     ! GND
+5V     ! + 5V
Pin D2  ! MOTOR
Pin D3  ! READ
Pin D4  ! WRITE
Pin D5  ! SENSE
  1. Connect the Arduino via USB to the PC

  2. Please check if the Arduino is properly recognized by Windows and appears as a COM port in Device Manager. You may still need to ensure that the correct Arduino USB driver is installed.

  3. Start Windows TapecartFlasher tool.

  4. Click "Detect". If the Arduino already has a TapecartFlasher Software, the COM port should by found and displayed.

  5. If the Arduino does not yet contain the TapecartFlasher software, select the correct COM port, click on "Upload / Update Sketch", choose the correct Arduino board and click Update. The software will now be transferred to the Arduino. Close the update window and click "Detect" again and the correct COM port should be displayed.

  6. Click "Connect". After a few seconds, some information about the connected Tapecart module will be displayed.

  7. With the "Write" or "Read" button a TCRT file can be transfered to or from the Tapecart module.

In case of problems please contact or user detlef at

Have fun.


This software uses the ArduinoSketchUploader Library by Christophe Diericx.