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Bloggart is a blog application for Google App Engine. Is written in Python and uses all the Google App Engine Python goodness.


"default" and "coolblue" themes are currently broken

If you plan to use my fork of Bloggart, bear in mind that currently the "default" and "coolblue" themes are not working. New features (i.e. 'Pages') have made me change the name of some values passed to the templates: I forgot to promptly update the themes, and now they are broken (mostly the 'admin' pages).

If you would like to take on the task to fix them (it's "just" a matter to fix the template variables), please, feel free to fork. I'll be more than happy to pull in your changes!

2011-03-11 > detro

A bit of history

It was originally developed as a demonstration app from Nick Johnson for a series of blog posts, and intended to be a useful and versatile blogging system for App Engine by the time it's done.

I forked it up and I'm making it "mine", feature by feature.


This engine is not designed to be in anyway comparable to stuff like Wordpress et similia. The idea is to provide a developer, possibly an App Engine developer, a way to run a personal blog on the Google Cloud: Quickly set it up and, if necessary, tweak the hell out of it!

There are different features I want to add. This is a live list of what's pending and what's done:

  • Support for 'Pages', instead of just 'Posts'
  • [DONE] JS and CSS 'Minification' (no obfuscation though)
  • [DONE] JS and CSS 'Templating' (i.e. Being able to use App Engine Djiango Template grammar into JS and CSS files)
  • [DONE] JS and CSS 'Memcaching'
  • [DONE] Show line numbers for '<pre>sourcecode</pre>' areas in posts
  • Add more themes:
    • [DONE] Coolblue
    • A personal, HTML5-based theme

Original Logo

This is Bloggart original logo from Nick. I'd like to steak with it for now.


Who is detro?

detro, aka Detronizator, is Ivan De Marino. Italian, CompSci, Developer, Cook and Father-wonnabe. Google me if you need to know more: it's all online.


A blog application for App Engine






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  • Python 90.8%
  • CSS 8.7%
  • JavaScript 0.5%