The kind of stuff a Developer will meet in his life when he is 1) studying for exams 2) preparing for interview 3) having fun. Nothing structured or organized: just plain C, C++ and possibly other languages to come.
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Coding-Exercises is not a proper project. Is more like a box in which I'd like to leave the solution to various exercises that I do in my spare time (if any).

Exercises can be of any kind: most notorious CompSci problems and less notorious, more interview-ish ones.

If by any chance I happen to be your interviewer, this material could be very helpful. ;-)

Contributions? More then welcome

Of course I'm more then open to contributions and, most probably, corrections and improvements. I'm not a genius and I would actually love to read some code to learn from my mistakes. So feel free to fork.

What's in this repo?

The list started small, but in few days I did covered some ground. Most of the problems are simple, but the aim is always to find the best, most efficient, most elegant solution. So, for example, don't be surprised if there are 4 or 5 implementations the Fibonacci Sequence Generator.