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`.../submit` command never returns if the event is `cancel` during bubbling up #107

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Jim Evans said:

Also found a major bug in the #ghostdriver "submit" implementation. Have no idea how to fix it. If the page issues a 'cancel' in the onsubmit event handler, the ghostdriver submit method will never return. Mainly because our onLoadFinished callback will never get called (because no load actually happens).


I think I have a clean solution to this, that does nice code reuse ;)

@detro detro referenced this issue from a commit
@detro Handle case when "submit" doesn't return.
This happens when the "onsubmit" event gets aborted within the page.
In the current implementation, we would wait indefinitely.
This fix makes sure we "timeout" and report the error.

Closes Issue #107.
@detro detro closed this
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