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Set proxy on first ghostdriver connection #201

android422 opened this Issue · 3 comments

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I currently have a problem using Ghostdriver behind a proxy. I can set the proxy when starting Phantomjs however this means the proxy is used for the selenium grid connection.

This means the grid connection will fail as the proxy is configured for external connections only.

Possible solutions:

  1. PhantomJS/Ghostdriver option to ignore proxy for Ghostdriver connection
  2. Allow first Webdriver connection to Ghostdriver to set proxy
  3. Allow proxy changing during different sessions (as in issue #143)



Currently this can't be implemented.
The Network Stack used by the Page objects is the same used to connect to the Hub.

@simondean simondean referenced this issue in ariya/phantomjs

Exclude domains from using proxy #11199


Does this mean that the Proxy JSON object in the WebDriver protocol is simply ignored? That is exactly what I'm seeing in my experimentation: PhantomJS logs that it got the proxy configuration, but does not use the configured proxy.


Proxy configuration through WD appears simply to be ignored, yes. Indicative is also that RuntimeProxySetupTest is failing on master.

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