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@detro detro released this 25 Jul 23:03
· 168 commits to master since this release

v1.0.4 (2013-07-25) (issues)

JavaScript Driver (Core)

  • ENHANCEMENT: Completely refactored the way events that initiate PAGE_LOAD events are handled
  • FIX #18: Now GhostDriver works when enabling --remote-debugger-port=PORT in PhantomJS
  • FIX #180: Avoid crashes when JS execution invokes window.close()
  • ENHANCEMENT #202: Ignore page load failures initiated by Click action (like other Drivers)
  • ENHANCEMENT #208: Added the ability to shutdown logging (i.e. Log Level OFF or NONE)
  • ENHANCEMENT #210: Ensuring we don't switch windows via empty string
  • FIX #213: mouseButtonDown was broken
  • FIX #215: Improve URL parsing to ensure we don't take /status as a URL instead of part of the protocol
  • FIX #216: Fixed issue where sometimes a failed click would cause a Parse error
  • ENHANCEMENT #228: Allow the setting of page.customheaders via Capabilities
  • FIX #240: Stopping all ongoing HTTP requests before starting to "wait for page load" was not a good idea
  • ENHANCEMENT #242: Trim URL before trying to load it
  • FIX #247: Implement changes to "HTTP POST /session" as per new WireProtocol specs


  • ENHANCEMENT/FIX #179: Suppor for .withLog(logfile) option when using PhantomJSDriverService
  • ENHANCEMENT #228: Support in the Java Bindings to set page.customheaders via Capabilities
  • FIX 246: Avoid Cast Exception in Binding when passing phantomjs.cli.args through Selenium Server or Grid

PhantomJS (code in PhantomJS master repo)

  • FIX #204: PhantomJS webserver module should not assume UPPERCASE or lowercase for HTTP headers, as per RFC 2616 - see also


  • Many more Java test to prove or disprove issues that have been submitted