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Correcting the title for jennifer marsman's talk #11

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@@ -256,7 +256,7 @@ sessions:
As mobile device usage continues to expand, the variety of screen sizes, resolutions, and capabilities of mobile phones and tablets is becoming more and more diverse. It's possible, and important, to ensure your site provides an optimal experience for whatever device your audience is using. Responsive web design allows your site to seamlessly adjust and fit the screen its viewed on, and can easily be implemented in most major CMS systems. This practical presentation will show you how to design and plan your responsive site, develop your layouts with a fluid grid, and test to ensure your site looks great on tons of devices!
speaker: jennifer_marsman
- title: Build Cross-Platform Games across mobile devices
+ title: Developing for Windows 8 for the iOS and Android developer
start_time: 1300
end_time: 1350
abstract: |
@@ -446,4 +446,4 @@ sponsors:
name: Pardalis Labs
- url:
+ url:
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