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Python scripts to process IRS 990 XML data

Work in progress. Background on the project


Read about the 990 data at the IRS's amazon page:

In short, the IRS has posted (as of March 1 2017) about 59 gigabytes of XML files that represent tax-exempt organization's Form 990 filings.

The filings are inventoried by year in JSON index files, with names like index_2012.json. The filings themselves have names like 201017793492000000_public.xml.

There are seventeen separate schemas used. Check out the mirror of the data to download just the .xsd schema information -- it also has HTML-formatted diffs.


First, download the CSV of Ledger organizations into this directory.

pip install -r requirements.txt

To output a CSV, run OneWayToGetData() in ipython after run

Alternatively, see AnotherWayToGetData() for an example of parsing a single index json as a stream.


Include tests alongside your modules by adding _test to its name.

Run tests with nosetests.

Get coverage reports for all modules by running:

nosetests --with-coverage --cover-package=`find . -name '*.py' | sed 's/^\.\///' | sed 's/\.py$//' | grep -v | paste -s -d, -`

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