LaTeX template for a report, master thesis, dissertation—you name it!
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thesis template

PDF build

This is a finished memoir template to start your thesis from.


  • remove the .git/ folder after cloning this repository and start a new one with git init.
  • Start a new line with each sentence. This will make it easier for git to track the changes later on.
  • Make a new branch for each submission and corrector, and include the received corrections in that branch. Meanwhile, keep working on your master branch. Add corrections to the appropriate branch. This will make it easier for you to merge the corrections later.
  • When you submit your thesis, make a new annotated tag git tag -s v1 -m 'submitted on <DATE>' to create a snapshot of the current status.

Helping hands


Use it at your own will and risk. You don't need to name me or link back to this package. If you like it, it would be nice if you'd recommend this repository to others. Feel free to fork, modify and open pull requests!