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Cecil is the de facto CMS for the Sleepy web framework.
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Cecil, the de facto CMS for the Sleepy web framework


Cecil is a content management system, designed to tightly integrate with conventions used by the Sleepy web framework. It is built as a canonical web application upon Sleepy, and as such uses facilities available to all applications. Special care has been given in maintaining seperation between Sleepy and Cecil, and as such Cecil isn't necessarily required for building a web application upon Sleepy.

Cecil is largely modular, and allows for user-generated modules, created according to specific needs. Each user in Cecil is assigned a seperate database, which contains tables (dynamically created according to assigned modules) specific to the user.

Be aware that this is alpha software, and as such is functionally incomplete and may contain bugs. However, Cecil is careful with destructive changes to databases and files, and I have not encountered any major issues during use.


Cecil is designed to be installed as any other PHP-based webpage. Assuming you've already set up your web-server to serve PHP files properly, simply copy Cecil into the appropriate directory and set the root to the "webroot" subdirectory.

Cecil, as any other web application based on Sleepy, requires an authorization key in order to make requests against the server. Since Cecil is usually the first application installed to make use of Sleepy, you need to request a key directly from the "sleepyd" binary on the server. To do so, run sleepyd user -a on the server, and Sleepy will return a valid authkey. Set this key in the "authkey" field of the "config.php" configuration file, and you're all set (almost)!

Cecil provides a simple installation script for setting up the initial user and database structure. Simply navigate to the "install.php" file on your web browser and follow the steps as displayed.

If you've managed to make it this far, congratulations, you have a working instance of Sleepy and Cecil going! Simply login as your administrator user and start making users and modules.

Anything else?

In order to start developing on your own, there exists a template application you can use as a launching pad.

You can find a demo of Cecil here. The credentials for the demo user are demo and demo123. File uploading is disabled for the demo and the data is reset every now and then.


Cecil is licensed under the terms of AGPL, version 3.

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