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Sleepy is a web framework using a client - server architecture. This is a starter template for projects based on Sleepy.
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Sleepy web application starter template


This is a starter template for making your own web application based on Sleepy.

The template uses parts of the HTML5 Boilerplate project for the default layout file and a couple of other parts, Bootstrap 3 as a front-end framework, jQuery and Require.js for Javascript. Of course, you are free to rip everything out and do your own thing. We don't judge.


Applications based on the starter template can be installed just like any other PHP-based webpage. Assuming you've already set up your web-server to serve PHP files properly, simply copy the template into the appropriate directory and set the root to the "webroot" subdirectory.

To run requests against the server, you will need to assign the application an authorization key. Cecil creates a unique authkey along with the database when creating a new user, which can be used for authenticating an application. Otherwise, you can obtain an authkey by running sleepyd user -a on the server hosting the Sleepy server daemon.

Once you have obtained an authkey, simply set it in the "authkey" field of the "config.php" configuration file, and you're good to go!


More documentation on creating a simple Sleepy web application, along with more information on Sleepy's internals will follow.


The starter template is licensed under the Public Domain, or the CC0, if your country doesn't recognize works under the Public Domain.

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