@meag meag released this Jun 30, 2018

Assets 2


  • Race routes are now loaded from external files (ktx/race/routes/.route)
  • Racers can race at the same time (one countdown, run ends when all racers have finished)
  • Players should become increasingly translucent as they get closer in newer ezquake clients
  • To turn off seeing other players completely, toggle using /race_hide_players. (default on for older clients)
  • Match mode - vote /1on1, /ffa etc after /race enabled.

Three scoring systems:

  • Win only - 1 point for the winner
  • Scaled - 1 point for winning, 1 point for completing, 1 point for everyone beaten (can be 3-0 in 2 player game)
  • Formula1 - 25 points for winner, 18 for 2nd, 15 for 3rd etc.
  • Players can turn on optional race pacemaker, showing route for top local time
  • Racers above a start point don't count as idlers (race8 bug - only distance on horizontal plane was taken into account)
  • Idle racers don't count for voting purposes
  • User commands now stored in race demos, allowing 'show keys' to work during client playback (very inefficient right now)
  • Server-side recording of race demos should now be default & more consistent
  • Map now resets correctly when last racer quits during race run
  • Space no longer toggles chasecam view
  • Some stability fixes (out of bounds errors)
  • Toggling fallbunny during race is now blocked
  • Velocity shown in race chasecam is horizontal velocity only
  • Slide8 is modified so it can be completed (push trigger over lava pit)
  • QTV chat now appears during race (was blocked as demo was being recorded)

Frogbot integration

  • Frogbots (initially based on the fbca mod) have been ported into KTX, enable in build with make dlbots
  • Route definition files are loaded from external files (/ktx/bots/maps/*.bot)
  • Built-in map/route editor for local use (/k_fb_options 2, reload)
  • Bot logic parameters can be loaded from external files (/ktx/bots/configs/)
  • Bots have improved ground movement abilities and rocket jumping to increase map support (bravado etc)

Teamplay messages

  • Teamplay messages can now be generated server-side /tpmsg <msg-type>
  • Locations loaded from .loc files (ktx/locs/*.loc)
  • Added for bots, not recommended for humans with ping yet as antilag's teleport protection will cause errors


  • Players can nominate a spawn before the game starts (/pickspawn), nominated spawns are always chosen over random
  • Added teamplay-based hoonymode - initial spawns are rigged, then standard ktx model
  • /hoonymode2v2 or /hoonymode4v4 to activate
  • must be team 'red' or 'blue', as per CTF
  • nominated spawns will have pent or quad effect applied depending on team
  • /break between rounds is treated as /break from the match
  • In duel player is told of spawn point prior to spawning, is frozen to spot just before round starts
  • Changes to support replaying of scenarios, based on .ent files at present


  • Demo information file format improved, should have all stats now
  • /k_demotxt 2 now supports /k_demotxt_format - xml & json supported
  • If configured in mvdsv, stats for demos will be uploaded to web server at match-end
  • LGC score printed at end of dmm4 duels


  • Autotrack: autotrack no longer gets 'stuck' when candidate players are dead at same time
  • CTF: Matchless CTF now supported
  • CTF: Runes no longer set to rotate (this only 'worked' if client had .md3 named .mdl and no .md1 file)
  • Coop: teamplay setting now valid for coop, k_force_mapcycle option forces mapcycle in co-op mode
  • Demos: If matchtag set, demo is always saved
  • Demos: Explicit pickup notifications sent for items & backpacks, and also for backpack drops
  • Gameplay: Secret doors now do x100 the damage if blocked while on initial stage of opening (fixes cmt4 exploit)
  • Ghosts: Colours for disconnected players are no longer random
  • Intermission: Players joining during intermission have no model set (view not obscured for those already connected)
  • LGC mode: POVDMM4 variation - no armor pickups, LG only, no superpowers, no door opening, damage frags enabled, etc.
  • Midair: Momentum on rocket hits in 'midair' mode restored to old calculation
  • Other: /forcebreak by admin during countdown no longer crashes server when teamplay enabled