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#025 /dev/night - EuroPython 2018 Recap

By: Fabian (@akuryou), Goran (@gcetusic) and Niklas (@niklas-heer)

List of videos from the conference:


Mentioned talks from the EuroPython conference

Title Link Mentioned by
How to write Rust instead of C, and get away with it (yes, it's a Python talk) Youtube @niklas-heer
Trio: A pythonic way to do async programming Youtube @niklas-heer
Autism in development Youtube @niklas-heer
PyPI: Past, Present and Future Youtube @niklas-heer
EduBlocks - Making the transition to Python easier! Youtube @niklas-heer
Creating a Culture of Software Craftsmanship Youtube @niklas-heer
Django structure for scale and longevity Youtube @akuryou
Let’s embrace WebAssembly! Youtube @akuryou
Cython to speed up your Python code Youtube @akuryou
AsyncIO today & tomorrow Youtube @akuryou
Exploring the Python AST Ecosystem Youtube @akuryou
Iteration Inside Out - Python's Iteration Protocol Youtube @akuryou
More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About Python Functions Youtube @akuryou
PEP 557 versus the world Youtube @akuryou
Getting Started with Mypy and Type Checking Youtube @akuryou
Postgres at any scale Youtube @akuryou
Reliability of Distributed Systems Youtube @gcetusic
Asyncio in Production Youtube @gcetusic
Deep Learning with PyTorch for fun and profit Youtube @gcetusic
When to use Machine Learning: Tips, Tricks and Warnings Youtube @gcetusic
Asyncio in practice: We Did It Wrong Youtube @gcetusic
Industrial Machine Learning Pipelines with Python and Airflow Youtube @gcetusic
The Web is terrifying! Using PyData stack to spy on spies Youtube @gcetusic
Having fun with music and Keras Youtube @gcetusic
Lies, damned lies, and statistics Youtube @gcetusic
Productionizing your ML Code seamlessly Youtube @gcetusic
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