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Open Source ROSE online server
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osIROSE - Open Source International R.O.S.E Online Server

Build status

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Development and Community:

GitHub Repository Waffle Board Community Forum Join the chat in Discord

Issues and Status

GitHub issues Confirmed issues In-Progress

Project Info:

Language GitHub license

C++ Installation - Unix

If you get the source from github, you need to setup the build environment:

$ ./

This will install all of the tools and sources required to build the project.

"./" will require superuser privileges, as it calls apt-get install.

To build the servers, execute the following:

$ make

To install the servers to the system (not recommended), execute the following commands:

$ make install

"make install" may require superuser privileges.

If you installed the servers, to run the servers execute the following:

$ LoginServer&
$ CharServer&
$ MapServer&

If you opted to keep them in place, the server binaries are located in the bin folder inside the build directory. So from where you ran the command make, you will want to run the following:

$ ./bin/LoginServer&
$ ./bin/CharServer&
$ ./bin/MapServer&

After running for the first time, the servers will create a config file in the current directory.

C++ Installation - Windows

Programs required:

vis-studio cmake mysql python

After downloading and installing the above applications, to compile the servers run the following commands:

git submodule update --init --recursive
cd build
cmake ..
cmake --build . --config Release

This will setup the build directories and compile. The compiled server will be in the bin folder created in the directory you ran cmake in (which should be the build folder).

After running for the first time, the servers will create a config file in the current directory that can be modified.

Database installation

To install the database, create a new database and then run mysql -u<user> -p<password> <database_name> < Database/osirose.sql. This will create all of the required tables for the server. Then run mysql -u<user> -p<password> <database_name> < Database/item_db.sql to populate the item table with all of the required information. This table was generated using client v112_112na. If you are using a different client, please generate your own table to match the information you need. TODO: add more information on the generation tool.


If you want to contribute, please read the code of conduct. You can find some documentation about the source code here. Don't hesitate to contribute!

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