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Chef Hardening for Linux Operating Systems

This is a test-kitchen project that is using Chef cookbooks to harden an Ubuntu 16.04 and CentOS 7 system via:

Once the servers are hardened, we verify the their compliance status via InSpec


You need to have ChefDK installed to be able to execute kitchen

Get Started

# Show list of available operating systems
$ kitchen list
Instance           Driver   Provisioner  Verifier  Transport  Last Action    Last Error
linux-ubuntu-1604  Vagrant  ChefSolo     Inspec    Ssh        <Not Created>  <None>
linux-centos-72    Vagrant  ChefSolo     Inspec    Ssh        <Not Created>  <None>

# Harden the system with Chef
$ kitchen converge linux-ubuntu-1604

# Verify the system with InSpec
$ kitchen converge linux-ubuntu-1604