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multilingual plugin for WordPress since 2009 The first using custom taxonomy introduced in WP 2.3 (here named language).

The readme file is now one of the files of plugin opened for GitHub contributors to improve this content in english. When displayed, in WordPress repository, the text is divided in tabs.

The other files are available for comments or fixes. Only the version in WordPress xili-language repository is for use.

Master Branch

Since 2016-12-14, master branch contains dev version 2.22.1+ with some futures new features and fixes for WP 4.6 to now (April 2018) WP 4.9.5.

Gutenberg - need latest version

Since Gutenberg 2.7 (April 18th 2018), the (private) taxonomy language metabox on right side of post edit remains hidden as expected. The big metabox (translations) from xili-language is now well displayed.

Taxonomy language

Language taxonomy settings are saved in term metas ( need WP 4.4 ) and a new "language" object (*) is created to contain all language features.


(*) thanks to JetPack to maintain a locale.php file with a huge list of languages of the world.

Preliminary infos:

  1. This readme.txt follow the rules of developers described here
  2. Do not forgot to validate the text before commit.

Thanks for your contribution.


Note : I hope to be present at next WPinLille