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HeyCommunity V3

Build Status GPL Docker

Supported Platform:    WebApp iOS Android

Service Required:    PHP Apache MySQL Nginx IIS

Technology Stack:    Ionic 2 Angular Laravel Cordova

阅读 中文文档

HeyCommunity is an open source social software for iOS / Android / Windows Phone and other mobile phone operating system
It is amazing that it can also run in the WeChat, Using the WeChat authorization login and WeChat template message

Official website: http://www.hey-community.cn
Online Demo: http://demo.hey-community.cn


Use the HeyCommunity Cloud Community,do not require technical staff to deploy, do not need the server, a simple registration can have a cloud community

If you have problems with manual deployment, you can also request assistance form us

Simple Deployment

If you do not understand programming, then we recommend that you download the latest software source code form Releases

Advanced Deployment

If you are an experienced software engineer, you can choose advanced deployment

## Get the full project code
$ git clone https://github.com/dev4living/HeyCommunity.git HeyCommunity
$ cd HeyCommunity
$ git submodule update --init --recursive --depth 1         ## This step may be slow, and you can get the source code from Releases

## Front-end deployment
$ cd HeyCommunity/frontend
$ npm install
$ npm run ionic:build
$ npm install ionic cordova                     ## Optional, install the ionic cordova to build the app
$ ionic build ios                               ## Optional, use the ionic build ios app
$ open platforms/ios/HeyCommunity.xcodeproj     ## Optional, use xcode to open HeyCommunity.xcodeproj, the simulator runs, real machine test, upload to the AppStore

## Back-end deployment
$ cd HeyCommunity/backend
$ composer install
$ bower install
$ cp .env.example .env
$ php artisan key:generate
$ vi .env                                       ##  Configure the database connection
# php artisan migrate:refresh --seed            ##  Build the database and generate fake data


  1. Front-end based on Ionic Framework v2, need to nodenpm encounter problems please refer to the relevant documents
  2. Backend Based on Laravel Framework, you need composerbower encounter problems please consult the relevant documents


We recommend using Apache Web Server, assuming that demo.hey-community.local has been parsed into theHeyCommunit directory
Then in the browser to open demo.hey-community.local HeyCommunity can see the effect of running in the browser

To run on iOS and Android devices, read the front-end deployment content in the Advanced Deployment and still have questions, please check out Ionic v2 and other related documentation


Rod: Rod(AT)protobia.com
Giter: https://gitter.im/dev4living/hey-community
QQ Group: 242078519


The HeyCommunity is open-sourced software licensed under the GPLv3