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  • do something about the way image is saved

  • when image is loaded to canvas add transition

  • text input boxes shows after user upload images (add animations too)

  • add user power to modify text size and color

  • add shadow effect after image gets loaded

  • drag and drop feature

    • make sure it is disabled for devices where it it is not possible
  • add semantic tags where necessary

  • do something about emoticons on web browsers

  • along with save button, option to tweet or send it as email or share on fb

  • dynamically change input or button sizes with viewport sizes wth properties like input-group-lg, btn-group-lg, btn-group-sm etc

  • try to implement Instagram API, where user can get image uploaded on his Instagram (seems quite intimidating :P )

  • option where users can use image store on server or search realted API

  • build an API for this

  • then may be Chrome extension :P