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  • implement G Maps

  • implement search bar

  • implement markers

  • implement info-window with place details

  • implement slider to populate list of places along with place details and link to street view

  • implement instagram apis

  • maps + markers styling

  • style infoWindow + enable calling button, website etc

  • somehow tell user when information in infoWindow is loading, there is lag between when clicked on marker and infoWindow opens with info

  • stylize map

  • active Telephone links in place list

  • when sidebar opens blue map, disable search bar and called

  • fix place list and place details styling

  • when a new search it made, and user is on more details or reviews page, send him/her back

  • migrate from font-awesome to open iconic

  • add opening hours on place details pane

  • weather APIs

  • make colour place holder for images, until images are completely downloaded, starting with flickr API images, carousel images, place thumbnail images in place-list pane:

  • one time pop up messages for user to let them know how app works, a tour sort of

  • ask for user location responsibly


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