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Android News Reader app. Kotlin Coroutines, Retrofit and Realm
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News Reader

Android News Reader app

Code that follows Packt Publishing Kotlin in Practice Video Course

Example of Kotlin Coroutine usage, with Realm and Retrofit.

Most of the code in the Master branch is by now out of date. For example, Kotlin Coroutines are now stable and have a slightly different API. The master branch is not updated, because it follows the code from the course.

Kotlin_1.3 Branch is updated to Kotlin 1.3 and Coroutines 1.0.

There is also a RxJava branch that uses RxJava for Async and Reactive programming.

To make the project compile, you need to get an API key from and put it into your local file under the key NEWS_READER_API_KEY

Written by Marko Devcic

License: MIT

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