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Android Snackbar binding for Fusetools
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Android Snackbar binding for Fusetools

How to use:

1- Import "src/fuse-snackbar.unoproj" into you project .unoproj file. 2- To show the SnackBar you have to paste the following JavaScript to use it

Import the uno library.

		var snackBar = require("Snackbar");

Use Show method to show the Snackbar with title and message for as many as you need in milliseconds.

    	snackBar.Show("Title","Action message",30000).then(function(){
    	    // Handle click on action message
    		console.log("Just fired !");


1- (required) Title: the main text on the SnackBar. 2- (required) Action Message: the text of the action button. 3- (required) Timeout: the timeout for the SnackBar message to live on the screen on milliseconds.

Handle the click on action message

After the user click on the button the promise will fired so you can handle you business login inside it like :

    	snackBar.Show("Title","Action message",30000).then(function(){
    	    // e.g: Undo the delete 
    	    // You business logic should go down here.

If you find any problems just post it on a new issue; Also if you have any findings you can create a Pull Request so you're welcome

Have fun !

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