An example of how to use the DevAlpha platform
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DevAlpha example

A simple example of using DevAlpha to see charts and various backtesting metrics.

Note: DevAlpha is currently running in private beta, and so you will not be able to access the backtester until you have signed up for the private beta!


Clone this repository.

git clone
cd devalpha-example

Install dependencies.

npm install

Run the example.

npm start

Now, open in your favorite browser, sign in, and open the backtester to see how your strategy performs.


npm run dev

This will activate a watcher on index.js so that you can automatically re-run your backtests when the file changes.


More free data like the included MSFT.csv can be found in the Quandl WIKI Prices database.


MIT license. See the LICENSE file for details.


The author of this software is not responsible for any indirect damages (foreseeable or unforeseeable), such as, if necessary, loss or alteration of or fraudulent access to data, accidental transmission of viruses or of any other harmful element, loss of profits or opportunities, the cost of replacement goods and services or the attitude and behavior of a third party.