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Stories in Ready


  • Ruby
  • Bundler

To run the application after pulling:

  1. bundle install
  2. bundle exec jekyll serve

And access the application at http://localhost:4000/

Submitting your member profile

Note: Unfamiliar/uncomfortable with Git/Github and pull requests? Feel free to open an issue with the below values filled out or ask on Slack.

Member data is located under _collections/members. Copy an existing profile, name it something unique (preferably using your username on the devanooga Slack) and fill it out using these properties:

  • name (required) Your full name as it should appear on the site.
  • gravatar (required) Your gravatar hash. Gravatar provides a single repository for your internet-wide avatar. We use this to display a picture of you on our members page. Use this tool to get your gravatar hash. After you enter your email address and click the Check button, the tool will display some information below the form. The value you need is the one labeled Email Hash. (For example, @StrangeWill’s email hash is 6789f8bd72612e941f9a7ae6f414b2ea.)
  • members-quilt (optional: true/false) Whether you would like to appear in the members quilt on our homepage.
  • website (optional) The full URL (including the protocol: http:// or https://) to your website.
  • profile:
    • github (optional) Github account name.
    • bitbucket (optional) Bitbucket account name.
    • gitlab (optional) Gitlab account name.
    • twitter (optional) Twitter account name.
    • linkedin (optional) LinkedIn account name, for example would be MyAccountHere
    • stackoverflow (optional) StackOverflow account name.

If you have recommendations for new fields, please submit an issue or a pull request!

Running tests

Before a PR will be merged, it must be passing tests. We have the best tests, don't we folks?

To run tests in your dev environment, execute bundle exec rake tests.

You can create new tests in the test directory.