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FavFreak - Weaponizing favicon.ico for BugBounties , OSINT and what not


Detailed Description about this can be found here :

Read Blog here :


I have created this tool for making my work easier when it comes to recon using Favicon hashes, it takes a list of urls (with https or http protocol) from stdin ,then it fetches favicon.ico and calculates its hash value. It sorts the domains/subdomains/IPs according to their favicon hashes and the most interesting part is , It matches calculated favicon hashes with the favicon hashes present in the fingerprint dictionary , If matched then it will show you the results in the output, there is option to generate shodan dorks as well (that is pretty basic and you can do it manually as well)

How to install and use

Note : Tested with python3.6.9 on Ubuntu/Kali

$ git clone
$ cd FavFreak
$ virtualenv -p python3 env
$ source env/bin/activate
$ python3 -m pip install mmh3
$ cat urls.txt | python3 

Example Run :

Note : URLs must begin with either http or https

$ cat urls.txt
.. .. .. .. 
.. .. .. .. 

$ cat urls.txt | python3 -o output

Fetching /favicon.ico and generating hashes :

enter image description here

Subdomains/IPs Sorted according to their Favicon hashes :

favicon hashes

FingerPrint Based favicon Hash detection :

enter image description here

Fingerprint dictionary looks like this : enter image description here

Add your own fingerprints

Edit , you will find a dictionary named 'fingerprint' , 
Add your fingerprints in that dictionary !


Shoot my DM : @0xAsm0d3us

Want to support my work?

If you think my work has added some value to your existing knowledge, then you can Buy me a Coffee here (and who doesn't loves a good cup of coffee?')