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Gorecon is a All in one Reconnaissance Tool , a.k.a swiss knife for Reconnaissance , A tool that every pentester/bughunter might wanna consider into their arsenal


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Gorecon - lightweight Reconnaissance Tool

Gorecon is a lightweight Reconnaissance Tool , which might make your recon process a bit more easy (It is still in its Beta state )

Main Features

1 - [+] Dns Lookup

2 - [+] Whois Lookup

3 - [+] Nmap scan

4 - [+] Zone Transfer Lookup

5 - [+] Shared DNS server lookup

6 - [+] Web Scrapper

7 - [+] Reverse DNS lookup

8 - [+] Subnet calculator

9 - [+] Admin panel finder (with Screenshots)

10 - [+] Directory Bruteforce (with Screenshots)

11 - [+] Configuration Files Finder

12 - [+] HTTP Header Information

13 - [+] GeoIp Lookup

14 - [+] Find/Analyze Content Management System (CMS)

15 - [+] Email Hunter (find emails of the company)

16 - [+] Use Rapid7 Open Data's Project Sonar for Finding Subdomains)

17 - [+] Use Virustotal API for Finding subdomains

18 - [+] Use Threatcrowd's API for Finding subdomains

19 - [+] Run All scans


Gorecon is still in its beta state , It works fine though. It will run on anything that has Go compiler installed , Tested on : Windows,Linux


Gorecon can be easiliy installed by following the below mentioned steps : Note : Before installing gorecon make sure you have Go installed on your machine

1 - run the following commands :

go get ""

go get ""

go get ""

go get ""

2 - Run : go run gorecon.go --url


Gorecon can be used in the following ways :

go run gorecon.go --url

go run gorecon.go -url

#run all scans without user input echo "19\n y"| ./gorecon --url


paths.txt - for directory Bruteforce

conf.txt - for configuration file Bruteforce

read.txt - for admin panel Bruteforce


want to collabarate or chat in private? DM me My twitter : @devanshwolf!

Contribution & License

You can contribute in following ways:

* Report bugs
* Give suggestions to make it better
* Fix issues & submit a pull request
* Suggest New features 

Wanna show support for the tool ?

I will be more than happy if you will show some love for Animals by donating to Animal Aid Unlimited ,Animal Aid Unlimited saves animals through street animal rescue, spay/neuter and education. Their mission is dedicated to the day when all living beings are treated with compassion and love.

PS : I know the code is dirty , :P