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Subdomain discovery using the power of 'The Rapid7 Project Sonar datasets'
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PassiveHunter : not another subdo tool


What is PassiveHunter ?

Passivehunter uses for enumerating subdomains , This project uses the The Rapid7 Project Sonar datasets . uses DNSGrep for quickly searching the the large data sets , Passivehunter enumerates the subdomains using query<hostname>. It uses some regex magic to filter out the subdomains from the raw json output , then all the alive subdomains are filtered. It shows the status code of the alive subdomains. It is fast as it uses asynchronous requests instead of traditional synchronous requests.

Why PassiveHunter ?

I created this for my personal use , as enumerating the subdomains and filtering out the alive subdomains among hundreds of domains is a tedious task and ofcourse not a programmer way of doing things , Passivehunter automates all this , from filtering out the domains from raw json output to removing all the dead domains , It helped me a lot in finding a lot of potential hidden assets of the BB companies (And yes a lot of $$$$ bounties too) .


It works on anything that has Python installed.

How to install and use ?

> mkdir Passive-hunter

> cd Passive-hunter

> git clone

> sudo apt install python3.7 python3-venv python3.7-venv

> python3.7 -m venv py37-venv

> . py37-venv/bin/activate

> cd Passivehunter

> pip install -r requirements.txt

> python domainname.tld

Files :

When a scan is successfully completed , 3 files are created

1 - domainname.txt : contains all domains dead + alive

2 - domainname-200.txt : contains domains with 200 status

3 - domainname-other.txt : contains domains with status other than 200.

Example Usage :


Total Unique Subdomains Found Alive Subdomains

Credits :

Huge shoutout to erbbysam <3 .

You can read about DNSGREP here :

Wanna show support for the tool ?

I will be more than happy if you will show some love for Animals by donating to Animal Aid Unlimited ,Animal Aid Unlimited saves animals through street animal rescue, spay/neuter and education. Their mission is dedicated to the day when all living beings are treated with compassion and love.

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