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Python library to create Apple Passbook (.pkpass) files
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Python library to read/write Apple Passbook (.pkpass) files

Typical usage often looks like this::

#!/usr/bin/env python

from passbook.models import Pass, Barcode, BoardingPass

cardInfo = BoardingPass()
cardInfo.addPrimaryField('origin', 'EZE', 'Buenos Aires')
cardInfo.addPrimaryField('destination', 'MDQ', 'Mar del Plata')
cardInfo.addSecondaryField('gate', 'F12', 'Gate')
cardInfo.addSecondaryField('date', '08/11/2012 10:22', 'Departure date')
cardInfo.addBackField('passenger-name', 'Fernando Aramendi', 'Passenger')

passfile = Pass(cardInfo)
passfile.description = 'Demo pass' 
passfile.organizationName = 'devartis' 
passfile.passTypeIdentifier = '' 
passfile.serialNumber = '12345678' 
passfile.teamIdentifier = 'AGK5BZEN3E'
passfile.backgroundColor = 'rgb(107,156,196)', 
passfile.logoText = 'devartis', 
passfile.locations.append(Location(-34.602569, -58.436011))
passfile.barcode = Barcode(message = 'Flight-GateF12-ID6643679AH7B')    

passfile.create('certificate.pem', 'key.pem', 'wwdr.pem', '123456') # Create and output the Passbook file (.pkpass) 

Creating Pass Certificates

  1. First

iOS Provisioning Portal -> Pass Type IDs -> New Pass Type ID Select pass type id -> Configure (Follow steps and download generated pass.cer file) Use Keychain tool to export a p12 file (need Apple Root Certificate installed)

  1. Second.

openssl pkcs12 -in "Certificates.p12" -clcerts -nokeys -out certificate.pem openssl pkcs12 -in "Certificates.p12" -nocerts -out key.pem

Developed by devartis <>.

Getting WWDR Certificate

Certificate is available @ It can be easily exported from KeyChain right to .pem

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