A mixin and functions library for Sass
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A mixin and functions library for Sass


Since the 4.0 branch turned out to be very different to master and missing a lot of things that might be precious to some people I decided to move it out into a new repository, named sunglass-core (very creative I know). It is much more stable and focused on functions mainly. My plan is to bring back some of the old stuff (like the grid) back as optional plugins. Sorry for any inconvenience.


RubySass 3.3+


  • Install with Bower

    bower install sunglass --save-dev

  • Or Download the latest release and put it wherever you like

  • Import Sunglass into your Sass file

    @import "path/to/sunglass";

  • Change settings before the @import statement (optional)

    $sunglass: (
      base-gap: 30px,
      base-font-size: 18px

I will create a detailed documentation later on. Until then, head over to the makeshift docs