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Audit everything (starting with BitClout projects)

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BitClout as a platform promotes the creation of third party applications that use BitClout as a data source, and means for user authentication. As this ecosystem expands, the potential risk of the users interacting with these third party sites is also rising sharply.

To have any app audited, join our discord (listed above) and we'll add it to the backlog.

What is DevAudit?

DevAudit is intended to be an independent, unbiased (as much as humanly possible), impartial, and community driven committee that audits BitClout applications to promote transparency between BitClout developers, and the BitClout community.

DevAudit will inform the BitClout public about how apps handle their data, what permissions each application have, and how those apps are guarding your data in the event of attack.

It is to be noted that some applications are required to have more permissions than others, due to their nature, or otherwise. More importantly, it's about how these applications handle your data, and who/what your data is allowed to be accessed by.


The need for watchdogs to inform the public about potential wrongdoing, or compromise could not be greater, as mass public adoption of BitClout is something we're all stiving for.

In addition to this, the public should be informed with who they can trust with their data, and how applications are accessing their data.


DevAudit will start by investigating the public facing components of each respective third party application. The findings of each audit will be presented to the public.

In addition to this, we are in the process of developing tools to allow developers to report vulnerability data right from their build, and deployment pipelines. Developers, join our discord to learn more

We are open, and willing to partner with any and all BitClout project creators looking to establish trust with their userbase through transparency.

Technical Project Plan and Roadmap

  • Completed
    • Initial Concept/Release
    • Public Facing Audit Template
  • In Active Development
    • Automated, ongoing tests of "trusted" applications
    • Internal Audit Template
    • Audit Timespan/Invalidation Parameters
    • API
  • Roadmap Items
    • ReAudit Parameters
    • Build/Deploy (CI/CD) Integration Tools

Help Us

All proceeds made from founder rewards, or direct donations goes right back into this project. While our current operating costs are low, we expect the following operational costs immediately:

  • Legal
  • Infrastructure costs (temp micro cloud boxes for forensic testing of binaries)
  • Partnerships, and Certifications (currently targeting
  • Paying our auditors to incentivize real talent to be on the audit team

Current "Trust in Transparency" Touchpoints:

Below are some of the components of our audits. Please join our discord to suggest additional audit touchpoints

  • Legitimacy
    • Proof of ownership
    • Proof of development
    • Legitimacy of responsible parties
  • Authentication
    • Identity?
      • Access Level (2, 3, 4)
    • Self-Signing Authentication
      • Seed Phrase Management
        • Is Seed Sent to API? (Yes/No)
        • Is Seed Logged anywhere? (Yes/No)
        • Seed Captured In APM? (Yes/No)
        • Seed Client side ONLY? (Yes/No)
        • Seed Kept kept in app? If so, how?
      • Private Key Management
        • Encryption?
        • Client Side? Server Side?
    • Token Management
      • TBD
  • Frontend
    • Does the frontend bleed user auth data?
    • Explanation of where frontend gets data
    • More TBD
  • Backend
    • TBD
  • Infrastructure
    • SSL public endpoints?