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A PowerShell module to show file and folder icons in the terminal
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A PowerShell module to show file and folder icons in the terminal.

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Terminal-Icons is a PowerShell module that adds file and folder icons when displaying items in the terminal. This relies on the custom fonts provided by Nerd Fonts.

You must be using one of the fonts provided by Nerd Fonts for this module to work as these fonts include tons of custom glyphs/icons that are referenced by their unicode number.

How Does this Work?

It uses a custom format.ps1xml file that inspects the items being displayed and looks up their appropriate icon based on name or extension. Icons for well-known files/folders are attempted to be used first before displaying an icon based on the file extension. Any files/folders that are not matched are shown using a generic file or folder icon.


To install the module from the PowerShell Gallery:

PS> Install-Module -Name Terminal-Icons -Repository PSGallery


Import-Module -Name Terminal-Icons

Get-Item ./


Get-ChildItem | Format-List

Get-ChildItem | Format-Wide


Command Description
Add-TerminalIconsColorTheme Add a Terminal-Icons color theme for the current user.
Add-TerminalIconsIconTheme Add a Terminal-Icons icon theme for the current user.
Format-TerminalIcons Prepend a custom icon (with color) to the provided file or folder object when displayed.
Get-TerminalIconsColorTheme List the available color themes.
Get-TerminalIconsIconTheme List the available icon themes.
Get-TerminalIconsTheme Get the currently applied color and icon theme.
Set-TerminalIconsColorTheme Set the Terminal-Icons color theme.
Set-TerminalIconsIconTheme Set the Terminal-Icons icon theme.
Show-TerminalIconsTheme List example directories and files to show the currently applied color and icon themes.


Get-ChildItem -Path . -Force

Screenshot 1


Any ideas on how to improve this module are welcome. If you have ideas for an appropriate glyph to display for a well-known folder or file, or a particular file extension, please raise an issue. If you'd like to submit an entirely new color or icon theme, take a look at the existing ones here and here, create your new file(s) named what ever you like, and submit a pull request.

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