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πŸ“¦ Stackable Development Environments
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Devboxes are portable development environments powered by Docker.
Free your Host System of unnecessary dependency clutter.

Quick Start 🏁

Make sure you have installed tools like Docker and Docker Compose.

...then follow the list below:

  1. Clone this repo somewhere locally and enter that directory.
  2. Run setup ./
  3. Open one of your projects, execute devbox up to start and follow instructions.
  4. Eg. if you are using railsbox just run commands in the project dir prepending them with db, like so db rails server.
  5. You can now get rid of all your dev deps on the host machine as they are now living in your devboxes. It's quite magical! 🌈

Credits πŸ’–

dchapde - for some insightful ideas and brainstorming sessions

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